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Things That Save You From Costly Property Maintenance Works

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 12, 2010

Every body wants to get more profit out of low costs of property maintenance services. But make sure you are going to have the quality work to in low price deals because quality matters your property and your business as well. You should learn some of the techniques and should have good relations with some of the property maintenance companies in your area to deal with your property and give you the quality solutions in low costs. So you need to know the ways to low down your cost and increase the profit of your property. If you neglect these expenses it will turn out to be more costs of repairs in future.

Try to make a maintenance plan for your property and also try to make good relations with your renters regarding expectations and responsibilities; this can help you decreasing the costs for your future maintenance projects. It will also help maintain the long term relationships between you and your tenants.

The most useful way to low your cost of repairs is that just make sure that the property you are going to buy is well maintained. Because if you buy an ill-furnished property it will cost you much more expensive for maintenance works. Don’t buy a property for cheaper price deal because it will cost you more expensive than a furnished property.

Another technique that can help you in decreasing your maintenance costs all you have to do is just try to fine some responsible renters who have some level of personal responsibility and who is willing to take charge of some daily repairs works. Ignore those who always complaints for the maintenance of property and don’t want to fix those of the problems that they can do by themselves and try to avoid those people also who know a bit about real estate because they possibly add to your property maintenance costs and you will have to give all the maintenance works by yourself.

Try to fix the problems prior to becoming more expensive. If you keep an eye on the maintenance and upcoming problems to your property you will be able to spare yourself from an expensive maintenance work. As an example, if you see the leakage of plumbing system or roof try to fix it as soon as possible to become more critical situation. Because you will have to hire a property maintenance company for the renovation and repairing works. These little jobs can spare you from costly expenses in upcoming days.

At last, the very important and time & money saving job is to hire a quality property management company so that they can take care of your property even after you are away from your property. Good Management Company has some of the traits in which low turnover rate of renters, experienced with local markets. Communication is also important, as are rates, and how they handle maintenance issues. All these described things can be founded in Saudi Maintenance Made Simple. They have most experienced and qualified staff that are always ready to take charge of your property maintenance projects and fix all the problems that are required to be eliminated. The quality work of property maintenance in Riyadh Saudi Arabia is just a phone call away from you and you can dial 92-000-66-92 or email at and our team will get to you within hours rather than days. So hire the SMMS team and save your time and money.


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Things To Do Before Starting Property Maintenance Work

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 8, 2010

Every property owner wants that his property is to be maintained beautifully but there are some problems that he face while searching for a quality management service providers. Because they want their work to be done in a good way and also save them their investment. In Riyadh Saudi Arabia there are many of the property management companies that offer the property services but at Saudi Maintenance Made Simple we provide the quality work efficiently and give our customer peace of mind to stay worry-free.

The very common questions that are in every property owners mind is does the company he’s going to hire is professional and can take care of his property the way he wants? Numbers of property management companies are providing divided services as selling and managing real estate. What you should need to know is, the company you are going to invest in is concerned with property management services and maintenance services for your residential and commercial properties. If so then you can invest your money in the company and hire them to take care of your property. We SMMS team are providing the good deals of real estate in Riyadh and property maintenance services. We do our work more seriously than any other property management company in Riyadh.

The most important thing before starting the maintenance work is that you should have a service plan that provide the full scope of work that you want for you property. This will help you coordinate with your property management company and also spare you from extra service packages. It will also give you an idea of how much you will be charged for taking the property maintenance services.

Every client has the right to check the company profile and have a look on the work they do and provide to their customers just to make sure the company has the quality service to provide and experienced staff the know their work well and are qualified. We at Saudi Maintenance Made Simple provide the quality customer service to our clients and we have the professional and qualified team of craftsmen. We always recommend our customers to have a look on our quality work and make sure of our service.

If you have properties in local area and your service provider is experienced in dealing with local area properties you should need to know what if you upgrade your portfolio and planned to add more properties from outer areas if he could remain able to provide you the same quality work in those areas too. If you have planned to sell or buy properties in Riyadh then Saudi Maintenance Made Simple is your best choice to work with your property. Our customer call center is 24/7 is available and you can call us any time to ask for the required services from home carpentry to electrical works and from landscaping to home renovation and repairs we are always at your service just call 92-000-66-92 or email us at and our team will get to you as soon as possible and avail you the required scope of work.

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Having Property Mangement Services For Rental Properties Is A Good Idea

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 7, 2010

It is very common and serious decision to take that if I use the services of a property management company or not? Are they capable to look after my property while I’m away from property and can they perform the tasks for me and earn me the profit of my rental properties? This is only possible when you hire a quality and reliable property management company and we at Saudi Maintenance Made Simple provide you all the quality and reliable services that you need.

The one of the most common reasons of rental property owner for having property management services is that they provide you with service numbers rather to use your residential or office numbers to deal with tenants or renters. Because tenants can possibly disturb you any time in day or night to ask you to provide the required service to them. That’s why having property management service for your rental property is important and helpful. Saudi Maintenance Made Simple is one of the most reliable property management companies in Riyadh that provide to their customers 24/7 customer service to build a good relation between the renter and property owner.

There’s another reason to take the property management services for your property because they provide you with maintenance staff. And the quality staff of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers and other craftsmen helps you fixing all the problems that can arise in rental properties.  We provide you the contractors in Riyadh to handle the problems of repairs, renovations, maintenance and remodeling etc. In Riyadh you can earn more profit out of your property by using the maintenance works of Saudi Maintenance Made Simple, this Saudi based property management company helps you maintaining your residential and commercial property to have the long-term business out of your property.

One of the most critical issues that can ruin your business is legal aspects. We at Saudi Maintenance Made Simple provide you the best solutions for your legal aspects that you can feel relax after hiring SMMS team to deal with your legal aspects with your renters. If you feel yourself of having soft heart while getting rent from your renters who don’t pay knowing your kind nature, then its better hand over this job to someone who can get rents and get a judgment against them & make them pay the rents. This task is only done by using a property management company services. And in Riyadh we deal with all the aspects you need to maintain your property with quality and reliability. Don’t forget that your rental properties are the source of your income and your business that provide you the money, it is very kind to have soft corner for your renters but it also very important to take care of your business both in financially and economically to make it prosperous.

After your renter moves out, you need to do property advertisements and campaigns to get other renters and restore your rental properties. The property management company does all the advertisements and provides you more renters to restore your business property. After your tenant checks out you need to do some cleanups and touchups to maintain your property. This is the task that you can do by using the services of a property management company. Property managers make you feel relaxed knowing that they are working and your property is being looked after by the property manager and you can take rest or can go out for vacations without any worries.

Saudi Maintenance Made Simple is just a phone call away from you if you have planned to invest in rental properties, just call 92-000-66-92 or email us at from anywhere in Riyadh we will get to you as soon as possible and provide you with all the services that a quality property management company should have. So what are you waiting for, just pick up your phone and call 92-000-66-92 to have the property services of SMMS and feel relax & worry-free.

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Home Painting And Renovations Services Riyadh

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 5, 2010

There are numerous Riyadh painting and decorating companies but Saudi Maintenance Made Simple provide a full range of other vital services as well as professional building trades, including, plumbing, electrical, gas, roofing, drainage, carpentry, general building maintenance and painting & decorating in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

We present Riyadh decorating services to both residential and commercial properties as well as retail stores, leisure centers, property management companies, lifestyle management agencies, and hospitality buildings. Saudi Maintenance Made Simple has a large team of experienced and qualified merchants who work with building material, sandstone, slate, marble, mosaic, ceramic and porcelain. They can carry out scrap works, internal and external repairs and tiling, plus painting and decorating services such as wallpaper hanging and internal painting.

Our team of Riyadh Decorators offer services for the residential and commercial decorating markets. We beautify for Riyadh companies in many markets, including leisure, hospitality and retail. We undertake Riyadh decorating for property management companies across many sectors and also for property management companies, lifestyle management agencies and many other customer services focused industries.

There are many companies who offer general painting services in Riyadh, but Saudi Maintenance Made Simple provide highly skilled and efficient craftsmen able to carry out their work quickly and efficiently all over Riyadh. Painting and decorating services available include special effect paint finishes, wall lining and paper hanging, exterior building fascias, wood bruising and varnishing and both internal and external painting.

If you require any of our Riyadh decorating services, there is no callout charge and our estimates and prices are competitive and reasonable.

Saudi Maintenance Made Simple has a specialized division dedicated to refurbishment and painting & decorating in Riyadh. We are a reliable, skilled and highly regarded company with years of experience and a many happy customers behind us.

Whether you are looking to have your living room or dining area painted and decorated, or you want to renovate a retail store for a brand new business venture, Saudi Maintenance Made Simple have the reputation, skills, experience, and highly qualified tradesmen to make sure the end results are impressive and of the highest standards. SMMS is just a phone call away from you just dial 92-000-66-92 or simply email us at

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Real Estate Agents And Property Maintenance Company In Riyadh

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 5, 2010

Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people buying residential investment properties. If you want the maximum profit from your property over the years, the only thing you need to do is just maintain your property well and appoint a quality property maintenance company in your area. And we at Saudi Maintenance Made Simple provide you the very need of yours. By hiring the SMMS you can attain more profit from your property in Riyadh. Our real estate agents in Riyadh provide you with the good deals of investment properties and selling or buying properties options.

Properties provide you the long term investment opportunity either you own a residential or commercial properties. But there is huge difference between both of the commercial and residential properties. If you have residential property you will be the legal landlord and also you will be the answerable for the maintenance of the property. A good property manager is always ready to face the problems as they arrive. And also maintain the property well.

We provide the property maintenance solutions to our customers for all the common and rare problems. It is always recommended that you hire a quality property maintenance company for the upkeep and repairs, and also they help you fixing the problems as they arise.

It is an important process to maintain your residential properties and save your tenants for future, for nobody wishes to live in a run down dump. If you want your property to be chosen by the quality renters, you will have to maintain the property and this is possible only if you hire a quality property maintenance company. Saudi Maintenance Made Simple is one of the top list property maintenance and real estate companies in Riyadh that can provide you with good renters and good profit as well. Maintenance is also very important because if you want to sell your property it is not only sold out but also appreciated by the tenants.

Saudi Maintenance Made Simple is your best choice in Riyadh city for property maintenance and real estate deals. We are just a phone call away from you just dial 92-000-66-92 or email us for more information at So take the services of SMMS and enjoy the good profit from your investment.

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Commercial Landscaping Services In Riyadh

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 5, 2010

Every commercial property manager or owner, always find a professional landscape maintenance company and wish to be a partner with them and approach the long and short term objectives. Time management is important when you are in need of renters, property security and controlling resources. It is a good idea to work with a property maintenance company that make your objectives much easier and saves your time and money.

Property Maintenance Company helps you maintain your landscape and maximize its strengths and minimize the weakness. You need to follow the components of the commercial landscape maintenance program. You will have the four advantages by hiring a quality maintenance company.

  1. Presents a positive image to your customers or tenants and their customers.
  2. Protects your investment
  3. Extends and saves renters by maintaining beautiful grounds.
  4. Helps conserve and enhance property value

A quality landscaping maintenance lies in the following maintenance process.

  1. Landscape design services
  2. Landscape installation
  3. Landscape lighting
  4. Irrigation systems
  5. Drainage systems
  6. Trimming hedges and ground covers
  7. Fertilization
  8. Herbicide and insecticide treatments
  9. Seasonal Color
  10. Preventive Maintenance

Saudi Maintenance Made Simple is your one and only company in Riyadh that provides you all the above services with quality work and our experienced landscapers make you able to maximize the strengths of your property and earn the maximum profit. So call us any time and any where in Riyadh, we are just a phone call away from you. Just dial 92-000-66-92 or email at

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Contact Saudi Maintenance Made Simple For All Electrical Services Anywhere In Riyadh

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 5, 2010

Finding a good electrician is something like finding a needle in a haystack. Instead of searching Yellow Pages or finding for electricians in Riyadh, contact Saudi Maintenance Made Simple for all that you need to fix the electrical problems.

Saudi Maintenance Made Simple is one of Saudi’s best maintenance companies with a complete set-up of electricians in Riyadh and around the Saudi Arabia. With the qualified team of electricians SMMS provide the residential and commercial property electrical requirements. The experienced team of electricians at SMMS are prepared to handle the wide range of situations in which circuit breakers, electrical system fault finding and repairs, socket outlets, switchgear, contractors and resistors, fused spurs, light switches and electric oven and shower installations.

Our team is not just experienced but they also get to you fast. SMMS have the one of the best call system that responds as quickly as possible and provide you your requirements. Our quick service avail you the team of electricians in hours rather than in days for commercial electrical maintenance. So you don’t need to have any worry, the team of SMMS is just a phone call away from you. We provide the quick service to our commercial customers because we know that electrical fault can down the business.

We don’t charge any extra costs and provide the maximum service in minimum cost. So just dial 92-000-66-92 from your phone and hire the qualified and experienced team of electricians for your commercial properties and bring your business to life. For further information just email us at And our team will be get to you as fast as they can. For electrical maintenance Saudi Maintenance Made Simple is your first choice in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

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Something that you must know about commercial properties

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 4, 2010

Commercial property maintenance is very important success of business owners. There are huge differences between residential and commercial properties. A commercial property owner always has a plan to build a relationship with property Management Company.

This allows the both owner and management company to establish the viability and popularity of their business. The success or failure of a business property depends on the management of the property that how your commercial property is managed. this is the reason behind knowing some of the techniques about commercial properties to gain the positive outcome from the property, a quality property management company can help you achieve this goal. Professional commercial property Maintenance Company can positively affect the outcome of any business.

You should understand the structure of the lease, all fees and expenses relevant to a lease. Commercial real estate is way different from residential in that they govern a much longer period of time than a residential lease term. Property management companies typically expect a tenant to sign a lease for three to ten years, during which time the structure of the deal is specially related to the original lease document.

There’s no need to worry about taking the services of a real estate agent. In many cases of leases, property favors the proprietor. The real estate agent helps you to better find the way the terms of your lease and lobby for changes that will aid you, the business owner over the course of the term. Also, in local markets, real estate agents often have long-standing relationships with property management companies, which can make the leasing process smoother.

It is also a good point if you know a bit about the rules and working concepts used by your commercial property management company. Take a visit to the property you are about to lease for your business by yourself. Make sure of all the aspects that are essential to look. First take a look at the environment of the business property and see is other tenants or renters are running successful business or not? Take good look at all the needed aspects of the property and policies of the landlord.

We SMMS team provide the better solutions for all the commercial properties and ensure the clients and provide them the good deal. In Riyadh Saudi Arabia SMMS is one of the professionals companies that provide affordable property deals and also we believe in making customer relationship for future business. This make us unique from all of our competitors. So pick up your phone and call us to handle your commercial property to earn more and more profit. Call us any time on 92-000-66-92 and also our clients email us at

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Complete Commercial Property Solutions is just one phone call away

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 4, 2010

In case of sudden break down of your building elevator, what would you do to fix this problem? Would you call the professional electrician team to check the electrical panel and circuit breakers and another service technician to repair the elevator or you would hire a company that provide you the both services.

Building maintenance is subject to wide array of technicians and service professionals. We provide the complete solutions to our commercial clients and provide them the quality commercial maintenance services and make their problems much easier. We believe in providing the quality work to our valuable clients to ensure them that the work is done according to their plans and in their budget.

We provide the number of commercial property maintenance services by combining the resources of trained and qualified professionals. Our qualified and professional team provides the needed regular maintenance to the commercial properties and on demand schedule services that are required for the commercial building projects. We have all the professionals from grounds keeping landscapers, electricians, plumbers, property supervisors, to contracted services and reliable service providers in your approach and under the one roof.

By doing so, Saudi Maintenance Made Simple have allowed our commercial clients to make one call rather to make several calls, so that the next time the HVAC system requirements to be washed out and the air pipes cleared the building manager can make a single telephone call to 92-000-66-92 and have the scheduled services.

SMMS is your best choice in Riyadh that can provide you the quality work and low cost expenses. You can feel relaxed and save your money by hiring the commercial property maintenance providing team of Saudi Maintenance Made Simple. Save your time and money and call us any time at 92-000-66-92 or simply email us at and we’ll be there to help you.

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Impotance of Property Maintenance and Marketing Plan

Posted by alsaeedsaudi2 on January 4, 2010

Durability of property depends on the maintenance and the way you manage it, either you own a piece of commercial or personal property. If you maintain your property well it will be a long-lasting investment of yours in case of economic crisis and though market conditions. Property counts a lot in these days and you can not afford to lose it on any cost. There is always an option for you to maintain your property to take care of it by hiring a qualified professionals from a property management company, they take care of your property while you are away or don’t have time to take care of it by yourself.

As I said property is a life long investment and it can be rented or leased out to valuable clients or if you want to sale it, they help you earn you more profit then any other way. We at Saudi Maintenance Made Simple have all the valuable solutions that suit your property both for maintenance and selling. We give you a market plan to ensure you that your property is visible to the targeted clients. Property management should include the very three steps that can help you maintain your property.

  1. Selling the property
  2. Smooth daily functioning and maintenance
  3. Keeping a tab on proceedings

Our Real Estate Agents at Saudi Maintenance Made Simple provide to our customers a quality marketing plan for their residential and commercial property and ensure the supply of good quality tenant. And it is important to maintain your property well to be ready for the future renters who might by interested in your property.

We collect the rents on time, and appoint the maintenance service team. We assure our customers that we provide the quality maintenance service in Riyadh Saudi Arabia that cost least and earn you most, so as not to cause any harm to the property. This process is called day to day functioning of the property. We keeps you up to date about your property all the time. We also provide the analysis of your property to keep you aware about your property that helps you understand that how much work is done and what to do to approach to the next level for the property. This analytics report is provided to the property owner on regular basis. We also provide the yearly plan for your property to improve it for future use.

It was never so easy to find a property management company that suits your budget. But now in Riyadh Saudi Arabia you can hire the team of SMMS and ensure that everything is being done properly and in good manner. So what are you waiting for pick up your phone and dial 92-000-66-92 or simply email us on The quality work is in your approach now. Just get the services of SMMS and earn more than ever.

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